Honeymoon Cystitis

Be Prepare! Not A Joyful And Excited Honeymoon

We are probably familiar with bladder infection’s symptoms: it’s quite painful, an urge to urinate, and blood may be visible in the urine. “Honeymoon cystitis” is form of urinary tract infection in the bladder. By dissecting the term, we will understand more about this condition. Cystitis is the inflammation of the bladder. And the “honeymoon” refers to the intercourse with the new partner; this word usually is pleasurable, but in this case it’s a dreadful disease.

Honeymoon cystitis is a much lesser form of a urinary bladder infection that is prevalent from as early as 20th century. This type of disease mostly affects women.

Marital bliss is at its peak when people go through the most joy filled part of their married life, their Honeymoon! But all that is not rosy as you think. Your honeymoon rendezvous can turn into a nightmare if you contact honey moon cystitis.

All type of cystitis have, usually the main symptoms which are similar to a burning sensation when urinating also frequent urge to urinate. More severe symptoms may include blood in urine, burning sensation and fever, lasting more than a day. These severe symptoms are likely to be the sign of acute cystitis.

This disease is just another form of urinary tract infection with the majority of sufferers being female. In advanced stages of this disease it can lead to a bladder and kidney infection.
Honeymoon cystitis is caused by the introduction of Ecoli bacteria which is  friendly bacteria that exists in the gut or intestinal tract. Everything is fine when this bacteria, resides in the bowel but the problem starts when it passes on into the urethra during sexual contact. This bacterium now proliferates in the urinal tract and this leads to infection. Besides this there are additional risks for this disease caused by the insertion of any unhygienic object in the vagina or anus.

This type of cystitis also occurs in women who have hardly indulged in any sexual activity or they are having sex for the first time. Also after contracting this once there is a possibility that you may catch this disease several times in your lifetime.

How to Deal with Honeymoon Cystitis:
Under expert medical advice when a doctor recognizes honeymoon cystitis, it is most likely that he will prescribe a course of antibiotics to clear the infection and refer Pyridium for the aches and pains.

Moreover an analgesic is prescribed to alleviate the burning sensation, and to reduce more frequent urination. Besides this abstinence from sex generally advised, till the patients’ health improves.

Other measures that you can take in case of this infection is to soak the lower parts of urinary tract in warm water and consuming lots of fluids such as water to steer clear the infection.

Cranberry juice is also highly effective in curing the infection due to the presence of a type of natural glucose called D-mannose in it which disables the E-coli bacteria from the urinary tract. Due to which this bacteria can be easily flushed out of the urethra.

Moreover avoid intoxicating drinks like beer and coffee also reduces the risk of infection. By making such precautions you can easily spice up your martial life in a healthy way by keeping honeymoon cystitis at bay.


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